Urea fertilizer and where to get it

Urea or sometimes called Carbamide is a widely known chemical , it is 46% nitrogen and is used in the agricultural industry as an animal feed additive and of course in fertilizers.

Urea fertilizer is sold in two main forms, as pills or in a granulated form. Today the the most common urea products come are sold as granules. Granules which are harder larger and more resistant to moisture.

Advantages of Urea Fertilizer

  • Urea fertilizers are easy to handle, with low health risk
  • Urea fertilizer can be applied to crops/plants in solid form
  • Fertilizer urea also comes in the form of spray
  • Urea Fertilizer increases crop yields by a significant amount

Using Urea fertilizers:

The most efficient way to use urea is to apply it directly to the soil during a tillage operation  You can do this by applying urea during irrigation.

An important fact to keep in mind is minimizing the amount of ammonia lost from urea applications. You can do this by using urea superficially with a cooler weather this will help with reducing the amount of ammonia that is lost (4-5 days with small loss).

Where to buy cheap urea fertilizers?

There are a wide rage of urea fertilizers on the market. The most common form is, in bulk, bags of 50LBS for crops.

There are small amounts of urea sold in sacks  labelled as “plant food”  which is ideal for small gardens. Urea plant food is also widely used for orchids. Orchid food    is normally a great option to grow a great orchid garden.





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